Membrane Materials and Membrane Fabrication

Block copolymers are designed and synthesized to incorporate the specific functionality including hydrophilicity, absorption, and catalytic properties into the polymeric membrane materials including polysulfone, olyethersufone, and polyvinylidene difluoride. Isoporous membrane is fabricated through phase inversion of block copolymers, and novel membrane fabrication mechanism is developed to make mechanical stable block copolymers applicable for isoporous membrane. Thin film composite polyamide membrane is the cutting-edge desalination membrane used for nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and forward osmosis membrane. The significant improvement of both permeability and selectivity of novel membranes can be achieved to break the trade-off of perm-selectivity of conventional filtration membranes.  

为赋予高分子膜特种功能如亲水、吸附、催化等,从分子设计入手,通过在传统膜材料聚砜、聚醚砜和聚偏氟乙烯等主链上引入功能嵌段, 设计合成嵌段共聚物膜材料。 利用嵌段共聚物膜材料,通过相转化成膜技术,制备均孔膜。发展均孔膜制膜新理论,将膜材料扩展至高强度嵌段共聚物。薄层复合聚酰胺膜是当前高性能脱盐膜的主要形式,广泛用作纳滤,反渗透和正渗透膜。为打破传统脱盐膜在渗透通量和选择性之间存在的上限平衡效应,我们构建高性能纳米通道膜,实现大幅度同时提升膜的渗透通量和选择性


Membrane Surface Engineering & Membrane Fouling

Membrane-based separation technology, as one of the most effective and efficient technology, has been widely used in many fields including wastewater treatment, seawater desalination, electronic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Membrane fouling has strong negative effects on the operational sustainability and the cost-efficiency of membrane process, thus hampering the application of membrane technology. Our research focuses on the development of simple and facile surface engineering approaches to mitigate membrane fouling and the investigation of their applications in practice.


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Advanced Membranes and Membrane Processes for Seawater Utilization

Fresh water scarcity, energy crisis and environmental pollution are bottlenecks limiting the healthy and sustainable progress of human civilization in 21 century. Blue ocean is the world’s greatest thesaurus of water and energy. Research and development of advanced membranes and membrane processes for desalination and power generation facilitate the production of fresh water and clean energy ecofriendly and cost-effectively.