天津工业大学(Tiangong University)

 分离膜与膜过程国家重点实验室(State Key Laboratory for membrane and membrane process)

Research Group or Centers

 Menachem Elimelech Research Group     
 Wanqin Jin Research Group                      
 Baoxia Mi Research Group
 Toshinori Tsuru Research Group                
 Andrew Livingston Research Group       
 Lin Zhang Research Group
 Yoshioka Matsuyama Serearch Group      
 Functional Membrance Lab                      
 Zhikang Xu Research Group
 Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology and Nano-Bionics
□ Tai-Shung Chung Research Group


□ Nature Materials  
 Advance Materials
 Nano Letters
 Nature Communications
 Journal of Materials Chemistry A 
 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
 Water Research 
 Environmental Science & Technology
 Journal of Membrane Science 
 Environmental Science & Technology Letters

International Conferences

□ North American Membrane Society
 Aseanian Membrane Society 
□ Materials Research Society
□ International Water Association
□ American Chemical Society
□ Membrane Industry Association of China
 European Membrane Society
□ Gordon Research Conference
□ Chinese Chemical Society
□ Chinese Materials Research Society
□ Pacific Polymer Conference
□ American Physical Society