All members gathered together to celebrate Post-doctor Ms. An Xiaochan completed postdoctoral research.
Due to the influence of COVID-19 epidemic, the college organized graduates to conduct online graduation defenses. The third year master students Ms. Deng Luyao, Ms. Zhang Si, Mr. Wu Pengfei and Mr. Li Jinqiang successfully defended their master thesis. Excitingly, Ms. Deng Luyao won the Outstanding Graduate award.
All group members gathered together to celebrate the New Year of 2020. Besides, students who made outstanding contributions to group in 2019 were awarded prizes.
Prof. hu invited five expert teachers to participate in the thesis proposal defense of the second year postgraduate students and the mid-term defense of the third year postgraduate students.2019.10.18
The research group held a Mid-Autumn festival party to welcome new members.2019.09.15
All members gathered together to celebrate graduation with all of undergraduates. Excitingly, Mr. Longjiang Zhang and Mr.Yuanfei Zhao were given awards for outstanding research.
The Desalination Research Group successful held the 2nd “Haimo Cup” Friendship Badminton Tournament 2019 in the TJPU gym.
As one of the fun activities to celebrate the coming Spring, group members visited the Palace Museum in Beijing together and enjoyed the beauty and dignity of Chinese historic arts and buildings.
Our group members took photos together to celebrate their graduation ceremony.